V.V. Rostovtsev, E.Yu. Lipikhina, V.V. Lainveber, V.N. Rostovtsev
New exploration targets for large oil and gas fields discovery in the south-east of Tomsk Region
DOI 10.31087/0016-7894-2019-1-7-26

Most geologists consider the south-western areas of Tomsk region to be unpromising. Specialists of the TOMKO Public Company discovered gas and condensate seepage at the confluence of Tom’ and Ob’ rivers. This fact disputed a statement that these areas are unpromising. Using the innovative technology of satellite images quantum optical filtering developed in the TOMKO Public Company, boundaries of ten expected fields were identified in the zone of natural gas seepage. The conducted electromagnetic, radiogeochemical, high precision magnetic surveys confirmed the results shown by the innovative technology. Wildcat drilled in one of the predicted fields encounter eight pay intervals. The most promising were deposits of the Cenomanian and Palaeozoic Top. According to experts, the recoverable oil reserves in the Cenomanian accumulation may amount to 98.4 million tons. No less important data were obtained after re-interpretation of data from the Chulymskaya key well situated in Tegul’detsky depression. Tegul’detsky depression is genetically related to Minusinsky depressions, where hydrocarbon potential of Palaeozoic series is proven. Seismic reflection horizons within Palaeozoic are for the first time identified in Tegul’detsky depression, which allows mapping Palaeozoic structures. This body of geological data allowed identifying a new oil and gas bearing area and two new petroleum regions, which opens the way to the prospecting of substantial oil and gas reserves in the south-east of Tomsk Region.


Key words: innovative technology; electromagnetics; radiogeochemistry; high-precision magnetic prospecting; drilling; well logging; oil and gas reserves; geological zoning; Ob’-Chulymsky petroleum area; Barabinsky-Pikhtovsky and Chulymsky petroleum regions.

For citation: Rostovtsev V.V., Lipikhina E.Yu, Lainveber V.N., Rostovtsev V.N. New exploration targets for large oil and gas fields discovery in the south-east of Tomsk Region. Geologiya nefti i gaza. 2019;(2):63–71. DOI: 10.31087/0016-7894-2019-2-63-71.


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