N.Z. Munasypov, I.N. Nizamutdinova, V.A. Baldin
Jurassic series in the north-eastern part of Western Siberia: prediction of different types of non-anticlinal hydrocarbon traps
DOI 10.31087/0016-7894-2019-3-87-97

The paper presents the updated data on the Jurassic series in the north-east of Western Siberia; this information in based on the results of sequence stratigraphy analysis of CDP seismic, drilling and well logging data. It is shown that three plays are identified in the Jurassic deposits, they are: Lower-Middle Jurassic (except for Callovian), Callovian-Kimmeridgian, and Tithonian-Berriasian. In addition to the structural oil and gas promising objects typical of the Jurassic series in the north-east of Western Siberia, the authors draw attention to new trends of petroleum exploration activities in the Jurassic interval of the section, which are related to the search for various types of non-anticlinal objects at the depths accessible for drilling within the Ob-Laptevsky Ridge and shoulders of the West Siberian Sedimentary Basin. Different types of non-anticlinal objects in the Lower-Middle Jurassic plays in the north-eastern shoulder of the West Siberian Sedimentary Basin (West Taimyr and South Taimyr monoclises) may be of considerable interest for oil and gas exploration at shallow depths (1–3 km). Petroleum potential of Callovian-Kimmeridgian deposits is associated with the middle sandy-siltstone part of the Upper Jurassic section (Sigovsky Formation) that occurs mainly in the Yenisei River right bank, predominantly near the north-western foots of mega-swells within the Ob-Laptevsky Ridge. Main prospects of the Tithonian-Berriasian plays having the considerable petroleum potential are associated with lithological and combination non-anticlinal traps in clinoforms infilling negative paleotopography forms in the vicinity of north-western foots of the Malokhetsky and Rassokhinsky mega-swells (Yanovstansky Formation), which occur at the depths accessible for drilling (about 3–4 km).


Key words: north-eastern part of Western Siberia; Lower-Middle Jurassic and Upper Jurassic series; sequence stratigraphy; non-anticlinal traps; petroleum potential.

For citation: Munasypov N.Z., Nizamutdinova I.N., Baldin V.A. Jurassic series in the north-eastern part of Western Siberia: prediction of different types of non-anticlinal hydrocarbon traps. Geologiya nefti i gaza. 2019;(3):87–97. DOI: 10.31087/0016-7894-2019-3-87-97.


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