A.A. Ivlev
Photosynthesis and carbon balance estimates in the global carbon cycle
DOI 10.31087/0016‑7894‑2020‑3-71-77

The key role and features of global photosynthesis as an integral characteristic of an ensemble of photosynthetic organisms in the global carbon cycle are considered within the framework of the proposed new cycle model. It is shown that the participation of global photosynthesis ensures the accumulation of sedimentary organic matter in the earth's crust and oxygen in the atmosphere. An equation describing photosynthesis in the global carbon cycle is obtained and applied to the carbon balance of the cycle. Based on the carbon cycle model, an attempt is made to estimate the total global initial oil resources. The
results show that estimates of the total initial oil resources are in good agreement with the results obtained using geological models. This consistency is not only indicative of the reasonableness of the physical idea underlying the model, but also means that there is no place for the idea of an inorganic or any other origin of oil within the framework of the model.

Key words: photosynthesis; CO2 assimilation; photorespiration; orogenic cycles; ecological compensation point; lithospheric plates; subduction zone; thermochemical sulfate reduction.


For citation: Ivlev A.A. Photosynthesis and carbon balance estimates in the global carbon cycle. Geologiya nefti i gaza. 2020;(3):71–77. DOI: 10.31087/0016-7894-2020-3-71-77. In Russ.


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A.A. Ivlev  iD 
Doctor of Biological Sciences,
Russian State Agrarian University — Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, Moscow, Russia

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