V.N. Borodkin, А.R. Kurchikov, А.S. Nedosekin, А.V. Lukashov, О.А. Smirnov, Е.V. Martynova, А.V. Pogretskiy
More precise definition of geological model and petroleum potential according to 3D CDP seismic data: Ludlovsky license Area in the Barents Sea waters
DOI 10.31087/0016-7894-2018-6-97-108

The paper discusses the tectonic framework of the eastern part of the Barents Sea within the Ludlovsky License Area, and its position in terms of geopetroleum zonation. Major plays are presented. Eight geoseismic complexes are identified within the sedimentary cover in accordance with geoseismic characteristics, they are: Lower – Middle Palaeozoic carbonate-terrigenous; Upper Devonian – Lower Permian carbonate; Upper Permian – Triassic terrigenous; Lower – Middle Jurassic terrigenous; Upper Jurassic terrigenous; and Neocomian terrigenous. Geological history of the region is briefly discussed. Amplitude analysis was carried out to search for exploration targets; carried out AVO-analysis confirmed the effects associated with gas saturation in all the anomalies identified. Geoseismic models for Triassic, Jurassic – Barremian, and Aptian – Albian – Cenomanian plays are presented. Conditions for deposits formation are considered, exploration targets are identified, and the optimal amount of exploratory drilling is outlined. According to a set of indicators, existence of vertical hydrocarbons migration processes is noted, which contribute to formation of secondary hydrocarbons accumulations in the Cretaceous interval of the section. The results of the research are indicative of the high petroleum potential of the study area, which should be confirmed by the proposed drilling plan.


Key words: Barents Sea waters; oil and gas bearing, geoseismic complexes; geoseismic model; AVO-analysis; exploration target.

For citation: Borodkin V.N., Kurchikov А.R., Nedosekin А.S., Lukashov А.V., Smirnov О.А., Martynova Е.V., Pogretskiy А.V. More precise definition of geological model and petroleum potential according to 3D CDP seismic data: Ludlovsky License Area in the Barents Sea waters. Geologiya nefti i gaza = Oil and gas geology. 2018;(6):97–108. DOI: 10.31087/0016-7894-2018-6-97-108.


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