Bolat S. Uzhkenov was born on October 26, 1955 in Aktyubinsk city, Kazakh SSR, USSR.

Bolat graduated from the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute named after V.I. Lenin (1978) as Mining Engineer-Geologist; Tomsk Polytechnical University with a degree in Oil and Gas Field Development and Operation (2004); Satbayev University with a degree in Oil and Gas Geology (2006).   Bolat Uzhkenov is PhD in Engineering (1997); Dr. habil. in Geology and Mineralogy (2002); Professor in the Satbayev University, Atyrau Oil and Gas University; President of Academy of Mineral Resources; Member of the Engineering Academy, Academy of Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan, International Academy of Mineral Resources, and Foreign Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. 


He is a discoverer of mineral deposits. Author of nine monographs and 22 scientific papers. Bolat speaks Kazakh, Russian, and English.


Career history:

1978 — assistant driller, Caspian Petroleum Prospecting Expedition;

1979 — senior geologist, head of team, Exploration Survey Company, South Kazakhstan Territorial Geological Department;

1990 — Director, Kazakhstan Exploration and Production Expedition, Kazgeologiya Main Kazakh Geological Administration; Director, Kaz-Mineral Production Geological Enterprise;

1992 — Head of the Department, Kazgeokontrol (Kazakh National Department of Mineral Resources Protection and Geological Supervision);

1993 — Chief Engineer, Production and Technology Department, Yuzhkazgeologiya; Head of South Kazakhstan Territorial Geological Department;

1995 — Head of General Administration of Mineral Resources, Kazgosnedra;

1997 — Chairman of Geology and Mineral Resources Protection Commission, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

1999 — Vice-Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Protection, Republic of Kazakhstan;

2001 — Chairman of Geology and Subsoil Use Commission, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Republic of Kazakhstan;

2010 — Chairman of Geology and Subsoil Use Commission, Ministry of Industry and New Technologies, Republic of Kazakhstan;

2011 — CEO, AO Kazgeologiya;

2012 — President, Temko Energy Group (Russia – Kazakhstan);

2014 — Deputy CEO, Chief Geologist, AO Volkovgeologiya;

2015 — CEO, AO Volkovgeologiya, AO National Joint Stock Company Kazatomprom;


Other positions:

  • Non-executive Director, AO Tsentr Nauk o Zemle, Metallurgii i Obogashenii (Center of Earth,  Metallurgical Engineering, and Benefication Sciences)  (2007)

  •  Non-executive Director, AO SPK Caspian Oil Company (2007–2008)

  •  Non-executive Director, AO SPK Ертіс Oil Company (2008–2009)

  • Non-executive Director, AO Tau-Ken Samruk (2009)


Awards and Prizes:

  • Winner of the State Prize in Science and Technology  from the Republic of Kazakhstan (2009)

  • Winner of Sh. Chokin, Sh.E. Esenov, and K.I. Satpaev Prizes (2005)  

  • He was awarded Astana 10-th Anniversary Medal; Қазақстан Республикасының тәуелсіздігіне 10 жыл

  • Honoured Prospector of Republic of Kazakhstan

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